August 09, 2020
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    Country's New Political Culture has drawn World Leader's Attention - President

    January 26, 2015

    I extend my honour and gratitude to all citizens of the country, with those at Pulathisipura in the lead, for enabling the introduction of a new political culture to our country that has won the attention of world leaders, said President Maithripala Sirisena.

    Having set aside all party colour, ethnic, religious and other differences, all had come together to create a small man’s government, and although the journey ahead was difficult, the country would be taken ahead for the benefit of all people, the President emphasized.


    He said this addressing that large gathering that had come to honour and greet him at the Dudley Senanayake Sports Ground at Hingurakgoda, last evening (25).


    By giving a large number of benefits to the people, never before provided by any government, the Inerim Budget that will be presented in Parliament on the coming 29th would reduce the price of a large number of essential goods, and would launch the programme to free the country and people from the clutches of poverty, the President said.


    He asserted that by freeing the people of this country from poverty and building a democracy in place of violence and terror, the change expected by the people would be made a reality.


    Contrary to whatever anyone said, as an agricultural country the only path for development was by strengthening the economy of the people engaged in agriculture, and work that has not been done by any government in this regard would be carried out in the future, the President added.


    The progress of a country meant not only the construction of roads and buildings, but also building the spirit and values of the people, thus eliminating hatred and enmity, and achieving a society that respects each other, he said.


    President Sirisena said that in carrying out the policies of the present government to realize the expectations of the people, everyone should come together, joining hands in brotherhood, shedding the differences of political parties.


    Recalling that in the recent presidential poll he had to face insult and contempt never before hurled at any other candidate, President Sirisena said he would extend brotherly hands to all, from those politicians who worked against him to every such party member in the village, to come together to join the march to take the country forward to success.


    Members of the Maha Sangha and the clergy of other religions, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne, North Central Provincial Council Minister Peshala Jayaratne, and other ministers and members of the North Central Provincial Council were among the very large gathering at this event.(PMU)





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