August 26, 2019
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    President Sirisena takes oath as Chief Scout of Sri Lanka Featured

    May 21, 2015

    Sri Lanka's President Maithreepala Sirisena took oaths as Chief Scout of Sri Lanka & Patron of the Guild on Tuesday (May 20) at a special ceremony held at the President;s Office.

    Chief Commissioner of Sri Lanka Scouts Prof.Nimal de Silva administered the oath and adorned him with a national scarf.


    Sri Lanka Scouts constitution provides that the President of the country is the Chief Scout.


    The President was enlightened on future activities and special programmes to be carried out by the Sri Lanka Scouts Association.


    During the function the president instructed the relevant officials to provide all assistance to the Nation Scout troops. The President recalled the experiences he gained during his schooling period as a Scout. He said that the experience gained at that time helped him to strengthen his future activities.


    Deputy Chief Commissioner of Scout Shiraz Salih and several other officers of the Scouts Movement attended this function.


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