August 05, 2021
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    Broad public protest against tobacco a priority - President Featured

    June 01, 2015

    Creating a broad public protest against tobacco usage has become a priority as it has affected the youth worldwide negatively, President Maithripala Sirisena said.

    The President said so in a message to mark the 'World No Tobacco Day' which fell yesterday.


    The President observed that this year's theme, "Stop illicit trade of tobacco products," was a timely slogan to raise awareness among the people.


    He noted as of the latest survey reports the majority of tobacco users are living in medium and low income countries.


    "As a whole low income earners have increasingly become victims to this menace. It is no secret that the use of illegally traded tobacco products cause fatal illnesses and contribute to various crimes.


    Understanding this reality, Sri Lanka took stringent measures over the past few years to discourage the tobacco usage.

    New rules and regulations will be formulated in the near future to continue with this endeavour," he said.

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