September 25, 2020
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    Solution should be found through domestic mechanism – PM Featured

    September 23, 2015
    Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has said that necessary measures should be mandatorily initiated to prevent a recurrence of the unfortunate incidents that the country faced in the past.
    The Prime Minister said a domestic mechanism should be used in this respect. The Prime Minister asserted that the Government does not require a mechanism crafted by any international body or individual.
    Addressing Parliament yesterday, Premier Wickremasinghe said that the Government has decided that an independent, candid, powerful mechanism should be established to search for the truth, and mete out justice. In this respect, the Prime Minister pointed out that it is planned to formulate two mechanisms through Parliament.
    Mr. Wickremesinghe gave a basic outline of the events after 2009 which led to the intervention of the UNHRC. However, he pointed out that the international community has developed a favorable opinion following the January 8th Presidential Election. 
    The Prime Minister also said that judicial and administrative reform are vital for true reconciliation

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