October 18, 2019
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    Funeral of Ven. Daranagama Kusaladhamma Thera today

    March 08, 2018

    The funeral ceremony of the creator of the Buddhist TV channel and Buddhist radio channel, Chief Incumbent of the Colombo Sri Sambodhi Viharaya Ven. Daranagama Kusaladhamma Thera would take place at 2.30pm today (8) at the Sports Ministry Ground at Independence Square.

    The funeral procession would leave the Sambodhi Viharaya at 2.00pm today and to proceed to Independence Square taking the shortest route possible, Venerable Kotaneluwe Pugnananda Thera of Sri Sambodhi Viharaya said.

    The funeral rites would commence at 3.00pm at the Sports Ministry Ground at Independence Square.

    After the anusasana by all three Buddhist sects, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and former Secretary of Defence Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on behalf of the Dayaka Sabhawa are due to deliver speeches, Pugnananda Thera said.

    The funeral ceremony will be telecast live on Rupavahini while The Buddhist TV and radio channels were also due to broadcast live the funeral of Ven. Daranagama Kusaladhamma Thera. 

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