June 16, 2019
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    Islamic Conference to support Sri Lanka to establish communal harmony

    April 04, 2018

    The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has pledged its support to Sri Lanka to stabilize communal harmony in the island when the OIC Secretary General Dr Yusuf Al-Othaimeen received Sri Lankan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Azmi Thassim on last Sunday.During the meeting in Jeddah, OIC Secretary General raised the issue of the recent anti Muslim riots that rocked Sri Lanka's Kandy & Digana with the visiting envoy at the Organization's headquarters.

    Speaking to Riyadh Daily following the meeting, Ambassador Thassim said the meeting was arranged on a directive from the Foreign Ministry in Colombo which has received a letter from the OIC expressing immense concerns over the recent violence unleashed against some Muslims in Kandy and Ampara districts.

    The ambassador explained that the things were brought under control by swift action by the government enforcing curfew and even the compensation for damages have been promised by the state. During the three-day violence, mosques, Muslim shops, and Muslim houses were vandalized by racists who came in large groups to attack Muslims properties and persons.

    Al-Othaimeen told the envoy that it is not OIC's business to interfere in the affairs of a country. However, he added that as a parent body for 57 Muslim countries, it is concerned with the welfare of the Muslims who are minority in Non-Muslim countries. "We like to promote peaceful co-existence with other communities in a country for a peaceful living," Al-Othaimeen was quoted as sayingsaid.He expressed the OIC's readiness to cooperate with Sri Lanka to conduct inter-faith dialogue among the people which would gradually promote communal harmony in the Island. Al Othaimeen agreed to visit Sri Lanka on an invitation extended by the ambassador.

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