October 16, 2019
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    Injunction on SLR to suspend foreign player participation

    November 24, 2018

    After a successful appeal by CH & FC regarding foreign player participation only to the bottom four clubs (CR & FC, Army SC, Police SC and Air Force SC) of the Dialog Rugby League, an injunction order has been issued on Sri Lanka Rugby to suspend the foreign player representation for the ongoing Sri Lanka rugby season with immediate effect.

    The injunction order came in the morning ordering the bottom four clubs to withdraw their overseas players from the current ongoing league rugby tournament from today onwards.Earlier, the Sri Lanka rugby despite several protests by the CH and FC, Navy sports club, Havelock sports club and Kandy sports club, still went ahead foolishly and granted bottom four teams one overseas player each in their respective 23 member team squad.

    According to the verdict given by the high Court , hereon no player of foreign origin will be allowed to play in the ongoing Dialog Rugby League and all SLR conducted tournaments for 2018/19. This will be including the Clifford Cup knock out as well.

    Speaking exclusively to the Daily News, a top official of the CH & FC rugby committee said we first informed Sri Lanka rugby several times amicably not to proceed with this foreign player rule as this is a clear injustice to top four teams since it lacks “Equal playing field”, but SLR did not listen to us at all, so we had no option but to proceed with this court case due to the injustice in the foreigner’s rule; not only to benefit us; but on behalf of all the top four teams affected by this rule. Also it gave the bottom four clubs an unfair advantage. But very sad to say that only Kandy sports club gave us support and others did not help us in any way possible.

    This means with immediate effect from today that CR & FC, Police SC, Army SC and Air Force SC will have to withdraw the services of their overseas players from their 23 member playing squad.

    Both Army and Air Force has two contracted Fijian players in their squads while CR & FC has one Samoan and Police a Fijian in their side. Those players are , Joseph Fuimaona for CR & FC , Emosi Vunivosa for Police, Raduva Kausoo of Air Force, and Sovesta Ualuvu & Rura Boila for Army.

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