April 01, 2020
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    Sri Lanka finishes Masters Badminton on high note

    December 02, 2018

    The Masters International Badminton Tournament held in Sri Lanka for the first time ended on Wednesday on a high note with the home players winning nine gold medals from the 29 finals worked off during the day.Former national champions Chandrika de Silva and Niroshan Wijekoon raked in four gold medals.

    Though, the Indians had the highest number of participants and competed in almost all age categories they were able to collect only six gold medals while the balance golds were shared among the other participating countries China, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia.

    The managers of all contingents and all players paid a glowing tribute to the Ceylon Masters Badminton Association led by Rohan de Silva for organizing a well planned tournament for senior players from the Asian region.

    Final Results:

    70+XD& 75+ XD Angus Husein and Jenny Goodwyn (New Zealand) beat Abdullah Dave and /Rohini Jayawardena (Malaysia/Sri Lanka)

    60+XD& 65+ XD Arnold Dendeng and Wijayalakshmi Punchihewa (Indonesia/Sri Lanka) beat Jeffrey Jamin Zee and Irene Wood (Hong Kong China/Australia)

    50+XD Naik K P Naidu and Suzanne Venglet (India) beat Ertanto Kuriniawan and Deepika Peiris (Indonesia/Sri Lanka)

    45+XD Marlev Mario Mainaky and Kaushali Dissanayake (Indonesia/Sri Lanka) beat Subash Janaka de Silva and Vipuli Abeysekara (Sri Lanka)

    40+XD Senthilvelan Kaliappan and Lavete Sunitha Raj (India) beat Deepak Patwardhan and Deepali Joshi (India)

    35+XD Muhammed and Chandrika de Silva (Indonesia/Sri Lanka) Sri Haritoko Bayu and Arati Patwardhna (Indonesia/India)

    50+WD & 60+WD & 65+ WD Sangeetha Rajagopal and Suzanne Venglet (India) beat Jin Yun Fang and Wei Jun (China/Macau)

    45+WD Vipuli Abeysekara and Ranjani Seneviratne (Sri Lanka) beat Aley Cherian and Kavithaa Sirinivasan (India)

    40+WDH Chandrika de Silva and Kaushali Dissanayake (Sri Lanka) beat Priyanka Abeyratne and Arati Patwardhna (Sri Lanka/India)

    70+MD Kooinyean Chong and Yang Xiang Gu (Malaysia/China) beat Angus Husein and Abdullah Dave (New Zealand/Malaysia)

    Rohande Silva and Frits Mainaky (Sri Lanka/Indonesia) beat Vijayakumar and Krishnamoorthy (India)

    60+MD Philip Bency and Kattapuram Oommen George (India) beat Jeffrey Jamin Zee and Boon S Teoh (Hong Kong China/Australia)

    50+MD Naik K P Naidu and Maran Thangavelu (India) beat Dev Senthiya and Niroshan Wijekoon (New Zealand/Sri Lanka)

    40+MD Biju Mohan Babu and Aneefa Aneesh Kannangayath (India) beat Fernando Manjula Sampath and Clarance Homer (Sri Lanka)

    35+MD Muhammed and Amila Yatapana (Indonesia/Sri Lanka) beat Niroshan Jude John and Hemantha Kodithuwakku (Sri Lanka)

    60+WS& 65+WS Wijayalakshmi Punchihewa (Sri Lanka) beat Xiaofeng Song (China)

    50+WS & 55+ WS Deepika Peris beat Sangeetha Rajagopal (India)

    40+WS & 45+ WS Chandrika de Silva (Sri Lanka) beat Vipuli Abeysekara (Sri Lanka)

    35+WS Umanga Ratnayake (Sri Lanka) beat Chen Ya Shan (Chinese Taipei)

    70+MS Anthony Lourdes (Australia) beat Abdullah Dave (Malaysia)

    65+MS Luddy Budiman (Indonesia) beat Yowsong Lim (Malaysia)

    60+MS Arnold Dendeng (Indonesia) beat Philip Bency (India)

    55+MS Janath Rohan Fernando (Sri Lanka) Bishnu Lal Shrestha (Nepal)

    50+MS Niroshan Wijekoon (Sri Lanka) beat Maran Thangavelu (India)

    45+MS Marlev Mario Mainaky (Indonesia) beat Ajith Upendra Jayawardena (Sri Lanka)

    40+ MS Aneefa Aneesh Kannangayath (India) beat Fernando Manjula Sampath (Sri Lanka)

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