October 20, 2019
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    Trinity footballers to tour Bangalore

    December 24, 2018

    In a major boost to the Trinity College football their under 18 and under 20 teams have been invited by the Youth International Sports Academy of Bangalore to participate in a Champion trophy football carnival, which will be held from December 27 to 30 in Bangalore, Karnataka.The exposure tour has been arranged by the Youth International Sports Academy.The Trinitians it is learnt have accepted the invitation and the boys will be flying out on December 26.

    The tourney will see the participation of Indian school football power houses among others. Trinity’s teams are in top form, which are under the guidance of Sanoj Srinath and the senior side is led by Nadarajah Divyan and the junior by C.L. Muthunayake. This is the first time that a Trinity College football team is going out on a tour. The team will be accompanied by the co-vice principla A.S. Marasinghe and POG Shane de Silva and coach cum MIC Sanoj Srinath.

    The team is good in combination and attack, and they are all out for the top position. Both the under 18 and 20 teams have plenty of fire power and should give a good display.The under 18 team: C.L. Muthunayake (Capt) K.S. Perera, A.V.G Pramadutha, W.C.S. Fernando, Nevil Raj, U.H. Withanage, H.M.T.S.B. Dodanwatte, S.C. Gunawardena, M. Mohamed Asjad, M.N. Mohamed Ahsan, N.A. Shaamikh Thaha, R.M.O.T. Munasinghe, A.R. Kaleel, D.V.L. Jayawickrema, A.V. Miraladiran, R. Gowatham and D.C. Delecian.

    The under 20 team: Nadaraja Divyan (Capt), T.S.M. Liyanage, M.Y. Deundaarachchi, S.O.M.S. Odyar, G.W.M.N.U.I.B Giragama, M.M. Sameer, M.R.M. Akeel, P. Kavishanth, S. Ganeshpriyan, S. Mark Akash, M. Amar Riyaz, M. Mohamed Althaf, A.V. Muraladaran,

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