February 29, 2020
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    World Netball Championship in July:Our aim is to be among top ten

    January 15, 2019

    Lankan Netball team captain Chathurangi Jayasuriya says that“Actually we have more than 25 players in our present pool and few of them are new comers. However finally it would prune down to 12 for the World Cup. However all players are under observation of the coach and she already provided with good training including Gymnasium sessions. “I think we have to maintain good physical fitness especially to play against top teams at the World Cup”.

    Our main target is to improve our world ranking said Thilaka Jinadasa our coach. She said we wanted to be among first ten teams after the World Cup. Playing against Zimbabwe and Northern Ireland is our first target and if we will beat team we would be among the first ten teams.

    There are 16 best teams scheduled to play for the World Cup and Sri Lanka and the Asian runner-up Singapore among them with other top teams like world champions Australia, New Zealand, England.

    Sri Lankan skipper further added before the Asian Cup we were at 27th position in the world ranking and now we moved to 19th. “Our plan is to go South African country like Zambia before the World Cup to get match practice and our officials already have discussed this tour”.

    Meanwhile skipper Jayasuriya also said motivation expert Nalaka Hewa Madduma gave fine service to the Sri Lanka team before the Asia Cup and his service once again will be very important for the forthcoming World Cup to build up our players’ mentalit

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