February 24, 2020
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    Educational Programme on Suspect Bowling Actions

    October 17, 2014
    An educational workshop was conducted by SLC for SLSCA comprising of 67 Schools from the Division 1 & 2 Schools in the Country. 

    The outcome of the workshop was mainly focused on problem faced by many Schools in the Country with regard bowlers who have been suspended from bowling in inter Schools matches pertaining to reports sent by umpires to SLC. 

    The conducted workshop enlightened the participants on the technicalities of suspect bowling actions educating them on the issues faced by all parties involved with the sport.
    The Coaches present benefited the most as the detection of suspect bowling actions were explained in detail, around 60 spinners & 25 fast bowlers have been reported to this time & it should be said that the SLC Coaching Department is helping these reported bowlers to rectify their actions. The umpires should be praised for their judgment as all reported to this time have had issues with their bowling actions.   (HC/SDF)
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