October 07, 2022
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    Lester Ruhunuhewa – A Sri Lankan Artist as Guest in Germany

    May 02, 2014

    Sri Lankan artist Lester Ruhunuhewa presented approximately 60 excellent images at an exhibition in Germany recently. Lester Ruhunuhewa is an artist well-known for his dynamic-modern and stylish paintings of oil- and acryl colors.

    Iris Rousseau is a world-renowned artist for bronze sculptures. She sculptures life-size figures for various personalities from politics, medicine and science, portraits, small sculptures, child and animal sculptures and reliefs. The female nudes in bronze have well become prominent trademark of her works. Once a year, the sculptor organises exhibition in her own gallery with selected international guest artists. This year Iris Rousseau invited Sri Lankan artist Lester Ruhunuhewa to take part as part of the exhibition.
    Iris Rousseau's work has been shown at numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, as well as international artists and craft fairs. Her works can be found in galleries and public spaces among other things, open spaces, hotels, hospitals and churches and are collected by art lovers worldwide.

    “It is fascinating to see how Lester Ruhunuhewa manages to capture the magic of the tropical areas and bring the typical characteristics of his country into the image,” Iris Rousseau admired. Rousseau had met Ruhunuhewa while travelling in Sri Lanka, being captivated by his excellent work; she invited him to Germany to do an exhibition together with her in Germany.

    The Ambassador for Sri Lanka Sarrath Kongahage was invited as Chief Guest for the Exhibition.

    The opening of the two-weeks exhibition was attended by a large crowd of visitors, including Andre Wiese, the Mayor of Winsen/Luhe, and Ian Karan, of Sri Lankan origin, former Hamburg Senator for Economy and businessman.


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