January 30, 2020
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    Australia PM Tony Abbott Fights to Remain Leader

    February 05, 2015

    Canberra: Prime Minister Tony Abbott has appealed to disgruntled party colleagues to stop "navel gazing" and dismissed the judgment of former Victorian Liberal premier Jeff Kennett that his leadership is "terminal".

    While four of Mr Abbott's backbenchers have publicly demanded their concerns about his leadership be resolved, possibly through a vote at next Tuesday's party room meeting, senior Cabinet figures have moved to defend his performance.


    The Prime Minister has been battling to save his leadership in the wake of damaging losses for conservative governments in Queensland and Victoria.


    Mr Abbott warned his party against responding to the troubles by ousting the leader, as the former Labor government did by replacing Kevin Rudd with Julia Gillard.


    But senior Victorian figure Mr Kennett said Mr Abbott's pain was largely "self-inflicted" and that he has lost the support of the public, including traditional Liberal supporters.


    The likely contenders to nominate for any leadership ballot are Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop.


    Expert Peter Brent, from the Australia National University (ANU), assured that very probable Mr. Abbot won appear in the next ballot lists of next year as Leader of the Liberal Party.

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