February 17, 2020
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    Physical Training & Injury Prevention Work Shop

    June 09, 2015

    Sri Lanka Cricket's Coaching Department with the help of the Strength & Conditioning / Physiotherapy departments conducted an educational workshop for Schools Division 1, 2 & 3 Cricket Coaches at Kettarama recently on the subject Physical Training & Injury Prevention of Cricketers.

    The Coaches present were given an insight to what is expected from a School boy Cricketer with regard to a fitness regime which is seen as important and a necessity in today's context of modern day age group Cricket. The program also included the education of injury prevention for Cricketers, who in today's context plays an extensive amount of Cricket & due to fatigue succumbs to injuries more often than not due to the volume of Cricket played by a Schoolboy in a calendar year.

    While Schools do not have the luxury of having a Trainer and a Physiotherapist  during training sessions & competition matches, it was thought that the School Coaches required to have a certain amount of knowledge in these two areas to some extent which would result in the Coach being able to help any player understand and manage himself better as these Cricketers would be our future generation & some of whom will go onto don the National Cap some day.

    Buddika Hearth (Trainer) & Priyantha Wickramasinghe (Physiotherapist) were the lead presenters on behalf of the Coaching Department at this workshop which was successfully conducted with over hundred Coaches participating.

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