November 12, 2019
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    Sri Lanka to highlight Esala Perahera in Japan

    September 17, 2015

    JATA Tourism EXPO 2015 Japan, internationally recognized as one of the largest travel events in the world which presents Japan as a tourism nation to the world that not only attracts the leisure sector but also other industries will take place on the 25th of September 2015 in Tokyo. The Sri Lanka as a country which has highest number of celebrations in a country will highlight one of the most colorful and grandest Buddhist festivals in the country known as the Esala Perahera at JATA Tourism Expo 2015.

    “The Sri Lankan contingent of 26 key industry tourism professionals will represent the country that has recorded a flat arrival growth as at end August 2015 with 25,973 visitors. We must now focus correct the market to attract a fifty thousand by end Mid year 2016”, said Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau Dr. Rohantha Athukorala.


    JATA is considered one of the ideal forums to showcase varied destinations and for travel professionals to exchange travel information and conduct one-to-one business meetings, while inspiring consumers said the official website of JATA 2015. “The 2015 edition is said to attract 150 countries and regions and has the potential to directly interact with the 150, 000 visitors and that is why Sri Lanka is taking a unique positioning”, said Dr Athukorala.


    We will show case the Kandy ‘Esala Perahera’ recorded as one of the oldest parades held yearly in the world, and believed to commemorate the first teaching by Lord Buddha after he attaining enlightenment.  This year’s 1706th Esala Perahera saw 153 elephants and tuskers that were robed, illuminated parading the streets in discipline, leaving any spectator awestruck. Elephants - one of Sri Lanka’s Big five mammals; add nothing but splendor to this grand festival. The show stopper of the parade is the Tusker who walks in supreme grace and great pride carrying the glorious golden casket called the ‘Karaduwa’ sheltered with a canopy which contains the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. The musicians, dancers and all participants of the parade are contributing from generation after generation. Families are bound by their faith and dedication to participate in this event year after year despite other career obligations said a communique from the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau.


    The time has come  to tell this wonderful story to the world said Chairman Dr Athukorala.

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