November 14, 2019
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    Home & You Lifestyle Fair 2014

    June 04, 2014

    The “Home & You Lifestyle Fair 2014″will take place from 5th to 7th July 2014 at the BMICH.

    Home is where the heart is, and there is no doubt that this is the one place from which beauty, love and protection grows in to society. A home can be many things to many people, but most often it is a heaven and an adobe of beauty and serenity to all; whether it is house, apartment, a bungalow or a mansion. Personal styles and designs may vary from taste to taste, however each proud housekeeper will strive to beauty and make their surroundings as comfortable and welcoming as  possible.


    The “Home & You Lifestyle Fair 2014″  will give a life time chance to those who  look for ideas, inspirations, luxury and beauty to their home and make modifications to their lifestyle to keep their living more dynamic and fluid to suit their ever developing taste.

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