October 17, 2019
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    Ne​w Plans for Western Province Development

    October 19, 2015

    Under the Megapolis program the entire Western Province will be developed as a mega city by 2030 ensuring equal opportunities for every citizen,Megapolis and Western Development​ Minister ​ Patali Champika Ranawaka said.

    Minister Ranawaka made this statement after declare opening the new Public Fair built at a cost of 58 million rupees in Homagama on Sunday. The public fair constructed with all modern features can accommodate 340 vendors.


    The Minister further revealed that the government is planning to establish three new mega cit​y​ zones. "We have ports and airports without ships and aircraft while there are shopping complexes that are not sustainable and can’t pay their own bills", he said.


    “This kind of investment is of no use. We need feasible projects. That is why we will have a zoning system,” he added.


    One will be the Port City project from Mutwal, to Wellawatte – and this isn’t the Port City which is being constructed by a Chinese company, it is a very much broader Port City or industrial city which will be constructed in the mentioned area creating hundreds and thousands of jobs.


    The second, the Minister said is an aviation city which will attract both local and international trade. Then we hope to construct a tech city from Malabe to Homagama along the outer circular highway.This will include all high tech things , bio, nano space, atomic energy to engineering and technical things, he added.


    The new government that came into power in January believes the way forward is through developing an innovation led skilled labour force in a knowledge-based economy.


    “It is with this in mind that we coined the idea of a tech city from Homagama to Malabe", Minister Ranawaka further said.

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