October 17, 2019
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    World Water Day Celebrations in Colombo Featured

    March 26, 2014

    Prime Minister, Dr. D.M. Jayaratne said that, we will never be able to recover the damage caused to water functions due to misuse of technology.

    Prime Minister proclaimed that, although United Nations Organization has declared March 22 in each year since 1992, as World Water Day, our Sinhala ancestors took measures to protect water resources, understanding the importance of the same.


    .He also said that, many water functions which were known to us earlier have become dried at present due to the industrial revolution , misuse of technology and it is very difficult to transform them to their previous condition.


    A function to celebrate the World Water Day coinciding  with the International Water Day celebration organized by the Ministry of Water Supply and Drainage and  the Water Supply and Drainage Board was held on Saturday (22nd) at BMICH Colombo, under the patronage of  Prime Minister, Dr. D.M. Jayaratne.


    The walk organized on the importance of protecting water to coincide with the above commenced from Borella  through Ayurveda Circle upto  to BMICH, The  commemoration ceremony commenced under the patronage of  Prime Minister. A “Sannas Pathra” containing the details of the importance of protecting water was presented to the Prime Minister, at the occasion.


    Addressing the gathering at the function to commemorate the World Water Day, Prime Minister  stated that  Philip Gunawardena brought a proposal to the then Parliament to take over the lands water functions to the government and plant forests and preserve them so as to secure water functions. But Majority were against  the proposal, saying that we might lose the profit receive from tea cultivation. If we were able to pass that proposal as an Act the nature would not have been destroyed, as in the present. We took measure to protect water since fiftieth century. Bur today, water functions were greatly damaged. Although in the past a stream flowed from every mountain, we cannot see such a fertility today. Environment has got dried up and the water has been polluted due to the use of chemicals therby lexperiencing a scarcity of water in the future.


    Several countries are obtaining water for their consumption from the sea. But still, we have not faced  such a situation. Mountain water resources system of our country was protected until 1815. No villagers went to the forest to quench their unwanted necessities. They entered  a forest with the reverence they have when entering  a shrine. They never polluted the water, that available for their consumption.


    But with the rapid progress in the modern science, they all have changed. Many functions of water were buried under the concrete buildings. Diseases such as kidney failure are caused due to tpollutedf water. We are now facing  the repercussions of polluting the environment. Addressing the gathering . Dinesh Gunawardena, Minister of Water Supply and Drainage stated that. it is more important to use water in our day to day consumption with care, to protect the water. Water supply is a prime concern in the rapid economic development,. Many massive projects have been launched o fulfill the water necessities in urban areas as well as in rural areas. More than 3600 water supply systems according to the water resources have already been implemented. Percentage of forest, which is 42% before 60 years, has been reduced to 24% at the present. Therefore, we have to face many environmental issues. I expect to harden the laws imposed on rain water with the intention of protecting the water. He further stated that, we have the possibility to save clean water, through collecting rain water for consumption.

    A large gathering including Hon. (Mrs.) Nirupama Rajapakse - Deputy Minister of Supply and Drainage,  Alavi Moulana - Governor of the Western Province, Geethanjana Gunawardena – Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation,  A.H.M. Aswer MP were present at the occasion.


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