November 19, 2019
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    "Shilpa Kala Gammanaya" to be established in Digana

    June 06, 2014

    Sri Lankan government decided to establish the "Shilpa Kala Gammanaya" in the village of Digana, Mahawa  at a cost of Rs.5.7 million.

    A block of land of an extent of 35 acres in Mukalana, Thimbiriyaya within the Grama Niladari Division of Digana in the Mahawa Divisioal Secretariat Division in the Kurunegala District has been identified for the purpose.


    The Shilpa Kala Gammanaya will mostly consist of traditional characteristics inherent to an ancient Sinhala village, the specific fighting system of "Angam Pora" along with other traditional arts and crafts, irrigation techniques,  indigenous medical treatments. .


    Sri Lanka has now gained access to a period where there is an awakening and enthusiasm for identification and re-application of intangible heritage inherited by respective communities living in the world. Amid such a revivial, the government fulfilling its obligation to preserve and conserve traditional artistic resources of the Sri Lankan people for the prosperity as a nation has decided to establish this "Shilpa Kala Gammanaya".  It is further expected to ensure conservation and preservation of the combating style of "Angam Pora" which has a history of over 3000 years by assembling Schools of Thought associated with this fighting system.


    The "Shilpa Kala Gammanaya" will comprise specific places such as Angampitiya, Guru Niwahana (Mentor's quarters), Altar (traditional mud hut), meditation chambers, Bazzar, Kitchen, internal tank, library and museum, Veda Gedera (Native Doctor's House), Shrine Room, Maru Attalaya (ground for practicing martial art), Chena.  


    While giving the local Craftsmen an opportunity to participate in the programme as resource personnel, close ties will be maintained with foreign countries where such techniques exists.


    The Cabinet of Ministers has granted the approval for the project.

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