December 15, 2019
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    Circular for Grade One Admissions to schools issued

    June 07, 2014

    The circular relating to the admission of grade one students for government schools have been release.. The specimen application form was published in all newspapers yesterday. The relevant applications should be forwarded to the principals of schools before the 4th of next month. Applications could be made to more than one school. In this connection those who are applying for admission to national schools could apply to a minimum of another 3 schools and a maximum of 6 schools. In such instances the priority school should be indicated in application form.

    On an occasion the number of applications received totals to more than the students that could e accommodated in a certain school , the students will be called for an interview.  The selection of students will be displayed in the notice boards of schools.  Submission of 1st appeals or objections could be done  within 2 weeks of displaying selections.


    According to the Education Ministry special boards will be appointed to scrutinize such appeals and objections. (KH/SI)

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