December 16, 2019
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    Colombo Agile Conference 2014 to kick off this month

    June 09, 2014

    Featuring a panel of renowned international experts in the various facets of Agile methodologies

    Back for the second consecutive year after its hugely successful debut in 2013, the Colombo Agile Conference 2014 this time around boasts a line-up of some of the world’s most renowned Agile experts and resident professionals in Agile methodology to share their knowledge and experience with local practitioners in Sri Lanka’s budding IT industry. A diverse range of topics, from the very basics to the most complex areas of development will be discussed and dissected at this conference.

    Powered by the Colombo Camps Community, the conference will be held on 26 June 2014 at the Cinnamon Lakeside. The full-day event will consist of keynote speeches by the international speakers during the morning session, followed by four individual technical tracks on ‘Agile QA’, ‘Dev Ops’, ‘Scrum Shortcuts’ and ‘Agile Metrics’ respectively during which several Sri Lankan Agile practitioners will present their white papers which were chosen following a stringent selection process.

    The panel of speakers include Crisp Agile and Lean Coach Henrik Kniberg, AxisAgile and Scrum Australia Director Ilan Goldstein, GoodAgile CEO Pete Deemer, Evolve Beyond Managing Director Gabrielle Benefield, Evolve Beyond CTO Robert Benefield, AxisAgile and Scrum Australia Director Colin Tan and Compello AS Director of RnD Agile and CTO YngvarUgland.

    Software development processes have been revolutionized globally by the ‘Agile’ movement over the past couple of years and is one of the most used development concepts in the world today. This alternative to traditional project management has been adopted by a number of companies in Sri Lanka’s IT sector and has steadily been gaining popularity locally.

    The inaugural Colombo Agile Conference was held in January 2013 at the BMICH.

    The Colombo Camps Community is an independent community of software developers, with a common goal of improving the competencies of members of the Sri Lankan IT community. This concept of forming the community from technical personnel of the local IT industry, in an effort to bridge gaps prevalent in the IT sector in terms of knowledge and skills. This initiative is a collective attempt to place Sri Lanka on the global map as a hub for IT knowledge services.

    Since its establishment, the CCC has played a vital role in bringing together specialists in various IT-related niche segments. It has done so through a series of camps, meet-ups and conferences, each of which see higher participation each time and more interesting and complex concepts and ideas discussed at them.

    The Colombo Agile Conference 2014 is sponsored by software product engineering company 99X Technology, Scrum Alliance, certified Scrum trainer GoodAgile, as official ticketing partner, as digital media sponsor and is supported by the ICTA. (KH/SI)

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