September 15, 2019
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    Azwer complains of a great conspiracy

    July 11, 2014

    UPFA National List MP A. H. M. Azwer on Wednesday has complained to Parliament that certain Lankan Muslims in West Asian countries had given him threatening calls and sent SMS to his mobile phone that they would kill him for siding with the Sinhala Government, according to a news report published in "The Island".

    MP Azwer participating in the debate on two regulations under the Marine Pollution Prevention Act Nos 1 and 2 on Wednesday, has said: "I am first a Muslim and last a Muslim. I will defend my religion and my community and also defend my motherland until my last breath. I shall never betray my community or my motherland for a pot of porridge as unashamedly alleged by these miscreants who send me SMS and threatening calls."


    He has said that there were ‘certain misguided and mischievous elements carrying on a sinister move to discredit him’.


    "They are issuing death threats to me over the phone on the Alutgama issue and even sent SMS messages to their henchmen in Muslim countries who in turn give me phone calls using very abusive language because of my relations with the President. I stand in this parliament today to most vehemently condemn the mayhem unleashed on the people of Alutgama and Beruwala. A large number of Muslims and Sinhalese houses have been set on fire causing even the death of a few Muslims. BBS or any Sena if responsible I strongly condemn these atrocities, which caused irreparable damages to the nation as a whole."


    The MP has said that there was a sinister attempt to discredit the incumbent government. "I warn the Muslims that they should not be a party in this great conspiracy. The Muslim community is living peacefully in pockets of villages surrounded by Sinhala people in Sinhalese areas and Tamil people in Tamil areas. We should protect the lives of everyone." (KH/SI)


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