September 22, 2019
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    Committee appointed to establish Sri Lankan first Fruit Association

    July 19, 2014

    Fruit Crop Research and Development Centre (FCRDC) has planned  for the first time to establish a Fruit Association. Fruit Crop Research and Development Centre as an initial step appointed  as a first step for establishing a Fruit Association A committee under the patronage of Minister of Agriculture . Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena was appointed to proceed with the establishment of a Fruit Association during the Gram 200 Fruit Carnival.

    The committee consists of two research officers of FCRDC, two Senior Lecturers from the Universities of Peradeniya and  Wayamba, three from SMAK and MD (Processing companies), two from Cargillls and Dole Lanka (Plantation), one from CR Exports, two from Madura  and Madhushani Nurseries, one each from CIC,  Unipower (Inputs) and  EDB.


    The public who are interested in growing furits in home gardens or for consuming, the specialists in  the field, agri students and  researchers, small or large scale entrepreneurs who are already in the fruit field and who expects  to enter the field, land owners, farmers, cooks etc can join hands with this Fruit association, which will be established in the near future.


    Moreover, Fruit Association aspires to afford technical knowledge in the field, raw materials, financial loans, solutions for difficulties of cropping, solutions for lack of market to the present or upcoming entrepreneurs who join this association.


    This Fruit Association will work among its members as a network system through interaction with  fruit cropping and selling process not only to the local market but also to the international market. Llack of  fruit markets will flourish through this network.


    One of the main target of this Association is to build a place for the Fruit market in Sri lanka.


    This committee will meet on 30th of July to discuss  arrangements for official inauguration of the Fruit Association and future activities of the association.(SDF/KH)

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