July 20, 2019
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    Mahapola Scholarship Fund refutes allegations

    April 01, 2014

    The Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund vehemently rejects allegations that the offering of Mahapola Scholarships had been delayed by one year.

    The Director of the Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund Ranjith Thenuwara  pointed out that calling for applications from the new entrants to the Universities, obtaining their applications, and selection of suitable applicants takes about 6 months.


    He said that subsequently the selected applications will be forwarded to the University Grants Commission.  At this stage the scrutiny of the economic status of the students will be carried out.


    The Fund also points out to arrive at a decision on the suitable students, change of study courses by the students, and transfer of students among the universities also takes about three months.


    Thenuwera said that after completion of all these activities, scholarships will be granted to the students along with their arrears payment.  Last year the number of scholarship recipients has been increased by one thousand.


    Thenuwara further stated that 11,300 students will be provided with Mahapola Scholarships this year at a function to be held at the BMICH on the 5th of this month.(niz.)


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