July 22, 2019
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    May all have power and courage to strengthen the wall of co-existence among us - PM

    July 29, 2014

    With devotion in mind, I do hereby send this message of felicitation on the day of Eid-Ul-Fitr (Ramazan Festival) alias the Day of Equality being celebrated to mark the month of the manifestation of Holy Quran, the blessed guideline that teaches the way for a peaceful living among Islamic devotees with equality and co-existence.

    At this noble event it should be borne in mind that Nabi Mohammed (Sal) has said that nobody in the society shall starve on the day of Ramazan that begins after accomplishment of the ritual, the seeing of the New Moon on having observed one month long fasting.


    My personal point of belief is that the ritual of fasting that paves way to a pious and prosperous life is not a mere observance carried out obeying the Almighty Allah’s Orders, but also it should be made use of as a cultural bridge that nurtures the goodwill among all nations.


    At a time where a tranquil environment has been established in the country, to live in peace and co-existence, under the brave leadership of His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa, being Islamic devotees, there is a big role of responsibility upon you as Sri Lankans.


    So, it is my sincere hope that you may all have power and courage towards achieving the worthy cause of strengthening the wall of co-existence among us.

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