July 20, 2019
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    Public Urged Not to be Misled By Canards on ‘Army Withdrawals’ says Army Featured

    June 23, 2018

    A canard, born out of some utterances, reportedly made by disgruntled political elements has been desperately attempting to mislead the public, saying that the Army is in the process of withdrawing its formations in the North and East and downsizing its strength, putting the national security at risk.The Sri Lanka Army categorically denies having taken any such decision, nor has it contemplated implementing a move of that nature at all as alleged by those elements who try to showcase that ‘they’ are more patriotic than members of the armed forces in the country.

    The Army while continuing amalgamation process without closing down any camp in the North and East maintains combat readiness and efficiency in combat at all times at strategic and operational level and is always committed to enhance its efficiency at all levels.

    The truth is that many in the civil society have no understanding on some of the military parlance, like amalgamation/combat efficiency, etc. Similarly, the Army currently engaged in its annual recruitment drive plans to recruit 213 Officers and 8631 Other Rankers to the Regular Force and 97 Officers and 4252 Other Rankers to the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force for the year 2018.

     The Army which has brought peace to this country after so many years would be the happiest in peacetime and is committed all the time to safeguard the national security interests of the country on a priority basis than anyone else. It is therefore requested that those ‘super’ patriots to desist from bringing this unique organization to public ridicule by spreading blatant lies and misleading false information. (Ends)

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