November 13, 2019
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    783 business plans for Enterprise Sri Lanka, ‘Thurunu Diriya’ loans Featured

    August 14, 2018

    As at August 2018, the Small Enterprises Development Division (SEDD) of the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs has prepared 783 business plans for Thurunu Diriya loan scheme from all corners of Sri Lanka.

    Meanwhile, 1030 young entrepreneurs eligible to receive this loan have already been identified and 390 business plans have been handed over to the Bank of Ceylon branches island wide, the Policy Development Office said.

    The Bank of Ceylon with the assistance of the Policy Development Office (PDO) of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Central Programme Management Unit (CPMU) of the Ministry of National Policies & Economic Affairs implemented “Thurunu Diriya” loan scheme with the aim of assisting to boost the economy of young Sri Lankan entrepreneurs.

    This is a special loan scheme designed for potential young entrepreneurs under 35 years of age, possessing a degree or a recognized vocational certificate and being in the business for minimum of 3 years. “Up to date, it has attracted a large number of young entrepreneurs around the country due its unique and attractive benefits such as granting of loans without a guarantor and collateral or with lenient guarantor conditions.”

    Provincial-wise progress meetings to review the progress of granting “Thurunu Diriya” loan is now in process. Progress review meetings related to Western, Central and North Western provinces were already held and the progress review meetings of the rest of the provinces are scheduled to be concluded by the beginning of October. Further details related to this loan scheme can be obtained from the nearest Bank of Ceylon branch or the Divisional secretariat office, the press release said.

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