July 16, 2019
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    Bell and Light systems for 200 unprotected railway crossings

    August 18, 2018

    Newly set up Bell and Light Security Systems at unprotected railway crossings between Hikkaduwa and Dodandoowa railway stations along the coastal line were opened this morning by the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Nimal Siripala De Silva and the Deputy Minister Ashok Abeysinghe.


    The Railway Department taking into its consideration the number of accidents taken place at the unprotected level crossings and identifying the number of such systems needed, launched a project to set up bell and light systems at 200 unprotected level crossings at a cost of USD 6.4 million in 2016. The project is implemented by Moratuwa University affiliated Uni-Consultancy Services company under the supervision of the Railway Department.


    According to the minister De Silva, all the unprotected railway crossings along the coastal line will be made protected by setting up bell and light systems by January 2019.


    Under the project, those security systems will be set up at 139 unprotected level crossings along the coastal line and at 61 places along the main and Puttalam lines. With the setting up of these new systems, the Railway Department expects a considerable decrease in the level crossing accidents.

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