September 18, 2019
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    Commission to regulate three-wheelers

    August 21, 2018

    Minister of Finance and Mass Media Mangala Samaraweera at a press conference held at the Finance Ministry in Colombo yesterday (20th) said that a commission will be set up to regulate three-wheelers. The Motor Traffic Commissioner General's Department will implement the Commission and the draft bill for the establishment of the Commission has been sent to the Attorney General's Department, the Minister said.

    However, the Minister said that he was against the measure to impose a minimum age of 35 years on three-wheeler drivers when issuing driving licenses for passenger transport. The minister while stressing the need of regulating this service added that over 1.2 million families in the country depend on income generated from three wheelers.

    He stressed that it is not appropriate to stop this service or take measures to control three wheelers. Samaraweera said that he is against the decision to impose a minimum age limit of 35 on three wheeler drivers on issuing licences. “Imposition of age limit for issuing licences for three wheelers is a violation of Fundamental Right and I will discuss this issue at the Cabinet meeting today,” the minister said.

    The minister was of the view that this service should be continued by giving proper training and knowledge to the three wheeler drivers.“This service should be turned into a disciplined service,” the minister said. He said that the government has already implemented this programme as a Tuk Tuk service.

    Minister Samaraweera added that he has decided to extend the loan facilities with a concessionary interest rate to the Tuk Tuk drivers and their spouses under Enterprise Sri Lanka to as a self-employment venture.

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