August 20, 2019
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    CEA to register Environment related NGOs

    April 03, 2014

    The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has taken measures to register Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working on environment related aspects considering the recent unacceptable conduct of certain groups identifying themselves as environmental organisations.

    The CEA in a statement said certain groups who had flagged themselves as NGOs working on environmental aspects were deliberately overreacting to vague evidence of environmental pollution as well as on development projects.  This was evident when these groups recently caused inconvenience to certain institutions and individuals by disseminating non- scientific environment related information. CEA observations have proved that some of the allegations on environmental pollution made by these so called NGOs were baseless and unfounded. Even though NGOs and community based organisations working on environment conservation is an imperative and timely move, giving statements that harm the society must be avoided,” the statement said.


    The CEA while admiring the exceptional social contribution of various organisations and interested groups in environmental conservation efforts in various parts of Sri Lanka dedicating their time, money and labour has paid special attention to the present circumstances and has decided to register all environment related NGOs to work on an integrated environment conservation program with them. Also the CEA having observed that only less than 100 NGOs are in operation currently out of 450 registered NOGs, has decided to update its registrations to build up effective relations with those organisations.


    A duly filled application together with members’ name list, executive board members’ name list, constitution, a letter or certificate that proves the registration in the relevant Divisional Secretariat office, District Secretariat office or local government institution, a copy of the certificate of registration at the Social Service Department or Non-Governmental Organisation Secretariat, a copy of the previous year’s audited accounts report, a summary of community participatory programs to be implemented within the next year and the progress report of last year, should be forwarded by NGOs to register with CEA.


    The CEA after satisfying itself with the required qualifications will issue a registration number and letter to the NGOs, whose activities would be evaluated and acknowledged from time to time.  Also the registered NGOs would get the support of the CEA for their environment related undertakings.


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