December 12, 2019
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    SLAF copter deployed to douse fire in Knuckles range

    August 11, 2014

    Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) came to the help of Disaster Management Centre to douse a rapidly spreading forest first in the Knuckles range since Saturday.

    The SLAF deployed an MI-17 helicopter equipped with a 2,600 litre-Bambi bucket to help DMC officials fighting against the raging fires. The helicopter flew multiple flies from the SLAF Base in Ratmalana to transport water to quell the fire in and around Hunnasgiriya area, SLAF sources said.


    The fire occurred in the Nawanagala area in Ududumbara on Saturday has destroyed some 200 acres of forest in the Knuckles forest reserve as the prevailing drought conditions amplified the spread of fire.


    The DMC officials said that it seemed that the cause of fire was owing to human activity. Nine persons believed to be responsible for the fires in forests have been taken into custody and handed over to the police, DMC sources said. (Special Reporter)

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