December 10, 2019
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    No way Ebola entering Lanka – Health Services DG

    August 11, 2014

    Entering the deadly Ebola virus into the country has been comprehensively blocked as that facilities set up at the Katunayake International Airport to screen incoming passengers are now fully operational, Director General of Health Services, Dr P.G. Mahipala said.

    The screening facilities set up at the air port last week in the wake of spread of the virus would monitor all those arriving at the country make sure that there would be no entering of anyone carrying the virus into the country, he said.


    "A strong surveillance system to monitor and screen all tourists arriving at the airport has now been established," Dr Mahipala said adding, that special counters have been set up to screen people 24 hours a day.


    He said that anyone suspected to be carrying the virus or showing symptoms of the disease would be isolated immediately and sent to the Infectious Disease Hospital in Angoda where his or her condition would be carefully monitored. (Special Reporter)



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