February 22, 2019

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    Qatar – Sri Lanka review cooperation in employment

    November 28, 2018

    Qatar Chamber and Sri Lanka's Ministry of Foreign Employment held a meeting in Doha on Monday to discuss cooperation between the two sides regarding recruitment opportunities. Qatar Chamber First vice-chairman Mohamed bin Towar al-Kuwari and Sri Lankan Foreign Employment Secretary Yamuna Perera discussed ways to manage the challenges and opportunities in the field of employment, Qatar Chamber said in a statement.

    Al-Kuwari said the Qatari market welcomes qualified and trained laborers from Sri Lanka, and described the Sri Lankan community in Qatar as "good and of high quality." Yamuna Perera called on the Chamber to urge businessmen in Qatar to recruit more laborers in their companies, adding that there are 117,000 Sri Lankans working in Qatar. The Sri Lankan official also noted that Sri Lankan laborers in Qatar are treated well.

    Qatar's Visa center in Sri Lanka will facilitate recruitment procedures, as it operates based on an integrated electronic system for the implementation of procedures, such as medical examination, fingerprint and biometrics, and the signing of work contracts before laborers arrive in Qatar. (Gulf Times)

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