December 11, 2019
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    Bumper red onion harvest in Jaffna Featured

    December 06, 2018

    Traders in the North say that due to the heavy showers experienced in the region during the past few weeks, cultivators in Jaffna had a bumper red onion harvest but due to such stocks being received from the outstations, the price of red onions had come down drastically. These traders said due to the drastic reduction in the price of red onions, farmers are facing a severe struggle to market their produce.

    They said, during the recent drought a kilo of red onion had been sold at Rs 300 to Rs 400 and that currently a kilo of it was being sold at Rs 90 to Rs 100 while the retail price has stood at between Rs 130 to Rs. 140.

    The red onion farmers in the North said due to the sudden reduction in prices such stocks were currently being transported from Jaffna to the Dambulla Economic Centre as well. The farmers claimed that after facing a difficult situation in the North due to the severe drought that were experienced for the past few months, the onset of rains had enabled them to restart their cultivations in the North and East.


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