December 10, 2019
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    The dream house of the Polonnaruwa royalist becomes realty

    December 10, 2018

    The dream house of the Polonnaruwa royalist becomes a realty with the President’s intervention In the event held to vest the new cricket stadium of Polonnaruwa Royal College on late 8th of August, which was built under the “Pibidemu Polonnaruwa’ district development program, Shalika Lakshan who was a grade nine student of the school made a speech before the President.

    The student who was very eloquent was called upon by President Sirisena and was appreciated for his abilities and the President looked in to his requirements.As a response to the request made by the student, the President who went to the students house situated in Ganangolla Nawa Nagaraya, near Parakarama Samudaraya, Polonnaruwa on 4th of August 2018 saw by his own eyes the hardships felt by K.R. Jayathilake and his family engaging in fishery industry as their livelihood accomplishing the educational needs of three children. The President promised to complete the house, which is half completed.
    The house of Shalika Lakshan was built completely as a project conducted under Pibidemu Polonnaruwa district development program and it was opened today.The dream of Shalika Lakshan became a reality while the Sangha Nayaka of Polonnaruwa Thamankaduwa Deputy Chief Incumbent of Navanagaraya Vidyaloka Temple Demmunewe Uparathana Thero and the Mahasangha were present to offer blessings at this occasion.
    The President who opened the house in midst of Pirith chanting engaged in a friendly conversation with the family members and asked about the future dreams of the student while promising to support his future educational needs.
    A huge crowd in the area were gathered around the premises hearing the arrival of the President where the he didn’t forget to ask about their day to day lives as a very down to earth leader paying attention to several requests made by the people.
    The Mayor of Polonnaruwa Chanaka Sidath Ranasighe, District Secretary Panduka Sri Parabath Abeywardhana, Principle of Polonnaruwa Royal College Ravilal Wijeywansa and others were present in this event.

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