October 16, 2019
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    Release of Brochure titled “India & Sri Lanka: A Partnership That Transcends Time” Featured

    August 14, 2014

    A brochure titled “India & Sri Lanka: A Partnership That Transcends Time”, published by the High Commission of India in Sri Lanka, was released by the Minister of Economic Development  Basil Rajapaksa, and the High Commissioner of India,  Y. K. Sinha, Wednesday (13).  


    Various stakeholders, institutions, agencies and officials who have been instrumental in the successful implementation of the Indian Projects in Sri Lanka, were present at the special ceremony.

    The brochure provides a glimpse into the extensive and multi-sectoral Development Cooperation Partnership between India and Sri Lanka, which has expanded significantly since the end of the armed conflict in 2009.

    Speaking on the occasion, the High Commissioner thanked  Minister Basil Rajapaksa for the support extended by the Government of Sri Lanka in ensuring the smooth implementation of Indian projects. He noted that while India has always extended its hand of friendship and cooperation to Sri Lanka, the nature of India’s assistance has evolved and expanded since the end of the armed conflict in 2009.

    India and Sri Lanka share a dynamic and multifaceted bilateral relationship that is rooted in close social, economic, cultural, educational, religious ties and people-to-people interactions. The relationship has now blossomed to encompass all areas of contemporary relevance. As Sri Lanka strives towards a peaceful future, the Government and the people of India remain committed to assist Sri Lanka in its endeavours of rehabilitation, reconstruction and reconciliation. India’s development partnership with Sri Lanka is unique, built on the foundations of political understanding, shared socio-cultural links, and geographical proximity, and is based on cooperative implementation with agencies of the Government of Sri Lanka.

    India’s assistance in post-conflict recovery commenced in 2008 even before the armed conflict came to an end, and has developed as per the priorities set by the Government and people of Sri Lanka. India’s portfolio of development projects now encompasses virtually all major sectors of the economy, and is estimated at US$ 1.3 billion.(SDF/KH)

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