October 23, 2019
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    World Investor Week 2018Conducted by SEC

    December 11, 2018

    During World Investor Week, SEC Sri Lanka conducted various programmes targeting students, undergraduates, teachers and investors to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the capital market and to create a pool of knowledgeable investors. In addition SEC Sri Lanka published educational material including brochures and educational cartoons.

    SEC Sri Lanka published a cartoon series titled " Investing in your future" in weekly and daily newspapers in all three languages commonly used in Sri Lanka to educate the investors on basics in investing. The cartoons covered key areas including savings and investments, opening a securities account, how to select shares etc.

    With the intention of popularising the subject of capital market and encouraging research among national universities in Sri Lanka, SEC Sri Lanka initiated the establishment of Capital Market Information Centers (CMIC). CMIC is expected to offer an e- learning environment through which capital market information, data and other educational tools would be provided to academics and undergraduates seeking to further their understanding on capital market. In addition, it is also expected to strengthen their knowledge and skills in investing in the capital market instruments. In this background, SEC Sri Lanka launched a center in the Eastern University of Sri Lanka.

    A comprehensive investor education booklet was published in Tamil medium encompassing basics concepts in investing. The booklet was designed for investors who are beginners in investing as well as to learn their basics prior to investing.

    During the week, SEC Sri Lanka conducted an awareness programmes in all three languages (English, Sinhala and Tamil) with the intention of providing them basic theoretical and practical aspects of share trading.

    To foster greater awareness and education among school children the SEC Sri Lanka successfully included the subject of capital market to the grade eight and nine curricula of government schools. SEC Sri Lanka regularly conducts seminars for shcool children and during the World Investor Week SEC Sri Lanka conducted several seminars for school children to give them a sound understanding of the capital market.

    In conjunction with the Ministry of Education and the National Institute of Education the SEC Sri Lanka conducted awareness programmes for Advanced Level Commerce stream teachers to disseminate knowledge on investing in the Capital Market of Sri Lanka. This endeavour was aimed at enabling teachers and students alike to enhance their financial knowledge and encourage them to invest in the capital market.

    To establish a deeper understanding of investing in the capital market of Sri Lanka, the SEC and the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) successfully conducted an Investor Forum in Colombo at the Cinnamon Lakeside hotel. This forum brought together over 300 participants and comprised of both existing investors and potential investors.

    Presentations that were made provided an in-depth analysis of the Macro economy and outlined the performance of the market, market volatility and local and global factors that impact the market. A presentation was also delivered on the sectoral performance and market opportunities

    The panel discussion that followed focused on the current market conditions, the regulatory framework governing the capital market and local and foreign investor behaviour. The forum also presented a platform for participants to engage in dialogue with stockbrokers and unit trust management companies and gain valuable insights into investing in the capital market.

    SMEs in Sri Lanka contribute over 50 percent to the GDP and generate a high level of socio-economic benefits. In spite of the significant role played by SMEs, this sector faces many challenges that impede their ability to grow and expand. Among them is the critical issue of the difficulty in accessing finance.

    In view of this, "Empower" – the SME Board was launched at the CSE. The SEC together with the CSE organized a seminar to educate entrepreneurs on the new listing Board.



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