August 20, 2019
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    Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations​ ​in Sri Lanka Featured

    August 14, 2014

    The High Commission of Pakistan and the Pakistani community in Sri Lanka celebrated the 68th Independence Day of Pakistan​, Thursday (14)​ with traditional fervor and resolve to make Pakistan a strong, dynamic progressive tolerant and democratic Islamic welfare state.

    The High Commissioner of the Islamic Republic Pakistan in Sri Lanka Maj Gen (R) Qasim Qureshi hoisted the national flag of Pakistan in an impressive ceremony at the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo. Subsequently, the messages of the President and the Prime Minster of Pakistan were read out.

    The President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain in his message said that the Independence Day is the most auspicious occasion in our national calendar as it not only reminds us of the great sacrifices of our forefathers that were made for securing our socio-economic, religious and cultural freedom but it also provides us an opportunity to reiterate our pledge to those ideals that led to the creation of an independent and sovereign state. This day is an occasion to pay tribute to the valiant struggle of all the proponents and workers of Pakistan Movement and is also a moment to recognize, honour and appreciate all those sons of the soil who have been safeguarding our ideological and geographical boundaries. It is also an occasion to reflect on our past, ponder over the present and plan for the future”.

    In his message, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said “The Pakistan envisioned by the Quaid was to be democratic, moderate and progressive, governed by the rule of law and guaranteeing equal rights to all its citizens. Sadly, too often in our short and turbulent history, we have fallen short of living up to this ideal. So let us, on this day, redeem our pledge to build the Quaid's Pakistan. To do this, we must first reclaim our country from the forces of darkness and obscurantism. Operation Zarb-e-Azb is a step in that direction, and it was a step taken with great caution, even reluctance, and only after every other option had been exhausted. Operation Zarb-e-Azb is not simply a campaign to restore the state's writ to North Waziristan, which had become a breeding ground for terrorism and extremism; it is a battle for the soul of Pakistan. It is thus the duty of all patriotic Pakistanis to stand behind our gallant armed forces as they fight to keep Quaid's Pakistan alive. This is not the time to sow doubt and confusion. The stakes are simply too high. The need of the hour is for unflinching resolve and absolute unity. It is the only language our enemies understand. I have no doubt that the people and armed forces of Pakistan will Inshallah prevail in this struggle. And our victory would bring Pakistan the peace and stability which is a precondition for growth and development”.

    In his message on the occasion, the High Commissioner of Pakistan Maj Gen (Retd) Qasim Qureshi said “Pakistan and Sri Lanka enjoy exceptionally cordial and friendly ties. The historical and cultural links between our two peoples date back to the time when the Indus Valley and Gandhara Civilizations prospered in what is now Pakistan. This exemplary relationship having depth, breadth and diversity serves as a beacon for other countries of South Asia. We continue to nurture our mutually beneficial relations in diverse fields. Exploring ways to broaden as well as deepen the economic ties, through enhancement of trade and bilateral investments, within the framework of the Free Trade Agreement, remains our top most priority. Both our countries face significant challenges, at the same time we have tremendous opportunities. This mutuality provides a wide canvas for both countries to help and support each other, in order to jointly overcome challenges and maximize opportunities.

    Members of the Pakistani community based in Sri Lanka, High Commission officials, dignitaries of Sri Lanka and media persons attended the ceremony.







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