June 27, 2019
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    Seethawaka EPZ earns US$ 294 mn income Featured

    December 25, 2018

    Seethawaka Export Processing Zone, administered by the Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka has contributed US$ 294 million (Rs. 52.842 billion) in export revenue as at end of October 2018. It was Rs. 65.791 billion in the year of 2017.

    Seethawaka Export Processing Zone is the only zone located in the Colombo District. It is 47 Km from Colombo via low-level road and 57 Km via High level road. It was built with Japanese technical co-operation and is a well-planned Export Processing Zone.

    Seethawaka EPZ was established in 1999 on a land area of 431 acres of which 183 acres are industrial land. The infrastructure facilities at the zone include water, the processing of waste water and electricity, making it attractive to investors.

    The zone's enterprises have a significant impact on the local economy as they provide employment to 23,312 staff. Both male and female workers are equally employed in the zone. The Zone also promotes the Government's objective to develop regional industrialization. In addition to the local employment nearly 40 expatriates work in the zone.

    There are currently 27 enterprises in commercial operation at the Seethawaka zone that are involved in the manufacture of Apparel & Accessories, Glove Products & Rubber Products, Fabric, Chemical & mineral, Printing and food processing. There are 112 enterprises outside the zone area that are also serviced by the Seethawaka Zone.
    The enterprises include both Sri Lankan and foreign enterprises. The enterprises in the zone are from Sri Lanka (13) and India (5 Factories), followed by Belgium (2), Hong Kong, Japan, USA, UK, Canada, China and Thailand (1 each).

    Since these are mainly from non-traditional economic sectors, the enterprises of the Export Processing Zone have created new skills and introduced new technologies to Sri Lanka's economy.


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