August 21, 2019
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    Disease-resistant prawn species to be introduced

    February 07, 2019

    The Sri Lankan government with a Thai institute will introduce a prawn species that are resistant to diseases prevalent in the country. Experts said this species is resistant to other diseases not yet found in the country.

    So far, the species Monodon was reared in the country. However, it was affected by the White Spot Syndrome Virus and Monodon Baculo Virus for nearly two decades. Therefore, the industry was severely affected. nce, the species Specific Pathogen Free Monodon is to be introduced to Sri Lanka. At present, the variety is being reared at several places at the study level before it is introduced to the entire country.

    The programme is implemented under the instructions of the Sri Lanka Aquaculture Development Authority. A representative of the Thai institute, Dr. Mohandas said the prawn industry did not flourish in Sri Lanka since the required technology was not applied to the industry.

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