August 21, 2019
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    Efficient government officers to be rewarded

    February 09, 2019

    The Public Administration and Disaster Management Ministry will provide an opportunity for the public to appreciate dedicated government officers who fulfill public needs punctually through the ministry website Public Administration and Disaster Management Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara said this would be implemented as a pilot project to boost quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the public service while making it more people-friendly.

    He was addressing the media in Colombo, yesterday.The minister said officers selected through written submissions made through the website, official Facebook page, email, and telephone, will be awarded at the Human Resources Awards Ceremony, organised by the ministry.

    The public can send their recommendations to, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., official Facebook page or call 011-2187104.Apart from public feedback, government officers can also provide input on occasions when they were unable to fulfill public demands. An officer can forward their written submissions of failures, experiences and lessons learnt through the website.

    Both the public and officers would be given an opportunity to provide a verbal submission regarding the experiences they faced followed by written submissions. The ministry will select the best public servant to appreciate his/her service after a review at the ministry level. “We urge the public to appreciate public officers who attend to your needs promptly, which will help the ministry to reward the deserving,” he added.

    The minister said there are 1.5 million government officers in the country for whose maintenance the government spends nearly Rs. 40 billion annually.“We need to improve the efficiency of the public service. While many officers carry out a commendable job, there are other instances when they don’t,” he added.

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