June 18, 2019
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    Whale watching in Mirissa earns Wildlife Department Rs. 30 million in 12 days Featured

    February 17, 2019

    Whale watching in Mirissa has earned over Rs. 30 million within the first 12 days of this month and earns Rs 300,000 per day, the Mirissa Wildlife office said.The Department of Wildlife Conservation said such a large amount of income was earned in February after the department took measures to issue tickets for whale watching from the 01st of the month.

    The Department said the ticket costs Rs. 150 for a local whale watcher and 15 dollars for a foreign tourist.The live whale watching is a fun activity that could be enjoyed by one-hour sea voyage. Whale watching boats will leave Mirissa harbor at 7 am daily and seats can be reserved by calling 0713121061, the Wildlife Office said.

    There is a growing demand for whale watching vessels, according to reports. Boats from Mirissa harbor can be chartered for whale and dolphin watching during the season. There are more than 50 service providers in Mirissa for whale watching. Only boats with legally valid license are allowed to sail for whale watching. It is prohibited to disturb the natural habitat of whales, feed the sea animals or dispose waste during the trip.

    The new ticket is only valid for sailing on the recommended sea area for the mammals, the time and the date.The whale watching season from the south runs from November to April / May,

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