May 27, 2019
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    Govt. to regulate rice prices from April 1 Featured

    February 18, 2019

    Agriculture Minister P. Harrison said that the maximum retail price (MRP)of a kilogramme of Samba would be Rs.85 while Nadu would have an MRP of Rs. 80 with effect from April 1 this year. He said this at a meeting held with the representatives of farmer organisations in Nachchaduwa, Anuradhapura yesterday (17).

    The Minister said, “We are making arrangements to purchase paddy from the farmers at a guaranteed price. Likewise, we have to take care of consumers and make sure that they are able to purchase stocks of rice, especially for the upcoming Hindu and Sinhala New Year at reasonable prices. There has always been a problem in reconciling these two aspects.
    The people complain that rice prices have increased exorbitantly in the market although a kilo of Nadu is purchased from the farmers at Rs.38 and Samba at Rs. 41 and that they had to pay double this amount for their rice. Once the maximum retail price for rice comes into operation the issues faced by both parties would automatically be solved”, Harrison explained

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