October 17, 2019
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    Social media, main news source today - Director General

    February 21, 2019

    Government Information Director General Nalaka Kaluwewa said yesterday that the digital revolution is already a fact and the Government Information Department must adopt to the latest advances used in social media to get its message across to the public.

    He said that social media is becoming the main news source of the people today. We should also keep learning and adopting technological capacities to make more efficient communication methods to attract the people and increasing competitiveness in the digital era.

    Kaluwewa said the Information Department and its District Media Units should be equipped with the latest technology to attract the people. Therefore, we have commenced a programme to distribute media equipment such as video cameras, computers, laptops, fax machines and photocopy machines to empower journalists attached to the media units of the Information Department at district level.

    Accordingly, media equipment valued at Rs.12 million was distributed among journalists attached to the District Media Units of the Information Department at a function held at the Government Information Department yesterday.

    He further said that District Media Units attached to the Information Department were set up under the concept of Finance and Mass Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera when he was a former Media Minister in 1999. These units made a tremendous service to make the people aware about development activities carried out at regional level.

    “Today, the government has embarked on various development projects across the country. People have a right to get know the progress on these development activists since they have been initiated with public funds. Therefore, it is the duty of the District Media Units to disseminate information among the public,” Kaluwewa added.

    Additional Secretary to the Ministry Ramani Gunawardena and former Information Director General Sudarshana Gunawardene were also present.

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