December 16, 2019
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    CIABOC’s National Action Plan gets Cabinet nod Featured

    March 08, 2019

    A five-year National Action Plan for combating bribery and corruption has been sanctioned by the Cabinet is to be launched in the presence of President Maithripala Sirisena on March 18.This will be followed by a series of draft proposals on graft, conflict of interest and amendment to bribery, asset declaration, election finance laws within this year.President’s Counsel and Director General of the Commission Sarath Jayamanne said that the National Action Plan would not be dependent on political patronage and will deal justly with individuals both state and private sector who engage in acts of bribery or corruption.

    “CIABOC along with the Ministry of Public Administration held 50 consultations throughout the country of which four were held in parliament, the National Action Plan is a culmination of the recommendations of those meetings,” he said. “Sri Lanka is party to the UN convention against corruption, this National Action Plan is also one of the prerequisites of the GSP+ and vital part of the Open Government Partnership which is Sri Lanka is a member of.”

    PC Jayamanne said that the National Action Plan comprises of four components, which includes preventative measures which includes the appointment of Integrity officers at government institutions, the display of a citizen’s charter at every organization and the national Integrity Act. The other component includes value-based education which is aimed at creating awareness among schoolchildren.

    Institutional strengthening of CIABOC, Financial Crimes Investigation Division, police and other law enforcement agencies as well as the policy reforms of crucial acts such as bribery, assets declaration, commission act, election campaign financing and whistleblower provisions. He added that the policy reforms are expected to be completed before the end of this year.

    Along with the launch of the National Action Plan, a set of handbooks will be released. This includes draft proposals on gifts, conflict of interest and integrity handbook for state officials. He also referred to witnesses who have given evidence before the Commission adding that the policy reform will ensure that these witnesses are not called before the commission multiple times to give evidence.

    He also referred to the policy reforms and handbooks adding that not only civil servants would be liable under the code but all citizens of the country, if its people are intent on creating a new generation with values and virtues devoid of corruption and bribery.

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