August 22, 2019
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    Special train and bus service for festive season Featured

    April 09, 2019



    The Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry stated that special transport services will be provided for the Sinhala and Tamil new year.The secretary of the ministry, L P Jayampathi noted that additional services for SLTB buses, private buses and trains will commence yesterday(April 08).

    It is reported that over 1000 additional services will be carried out by SLTB buses and twenty additional train services will be scheduled by the Railway department.Secretary of the Ministry of Transport noted that the National Transport Commission was granted permission to implement the special transportation service for the festive season.

    He added that a combined operation centre will be in effect during the festive season to oversee the programme run smoothly.The ministry has made arrangements to restrict leave for SLTB and Railway Department staff till the 21st of this month.Meanwhile, Railway Monitoring Operations Officials Alliance and Railway Monitoring Managers Alliance have announced trade union action starting from midnight today (April 09).

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