January 20, 2019

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    Divi Neguma to open 324 Avurudu fairs Featured

    April 07, 2014

    The Economic Development Ministry has made arrangements to have Avurudu fairs under the Divi Neguma program in the main towns of 324 Pradeshiya Division for the Sinhala-Hindu New Year season.  

    The fairs will be open to the public from Monday 7 April to Saturday 12 April (9am to 8pm).  The objective of organising these fairs is to provide items essential for the festive season such as clothes, textiles, fresh vegetables and fruits, sweetmeats, spices and other items at concessionary prices under one roof and thereby help to boost rural industries.


    The Divi Neguma Development Department will coordinate the Divi Neguma Avurudu fairs along with the Trade Ministry and the Mahaweli Development Authority under Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa’s guidance in accordance with the Mahinda Chintana Vision of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. In addition, all state institutions linked to local Government, agriculture, small industries and other industries have made direct contributions to this program at district and Pradeshiya levels.


    The Divi Neguma Avurudu fairs will give manufacturers of agricultural products, handicrafts and other household items the opportunity to sell their products direct to the customer instead of involving middle-men, so that they would get the highest value for their products.  It will help to control rice increases during the festive season so that the public would be able to buy these items at reasonable prices.


    Nearly 10,000 rural industrialists are contributing to the Divi Neguma Avurudu fairs and over three million families are expected to make purchases at the fairs.  It will also give an opportunity to sell excess products manufactured island wide under the Economic Development Ministry’s Divi Neguma programme but not sold so far.


    In this connection special attention has been paid to items made of clay, processed foods, treacle and jaggery, shoes and slippers, plant varieties and other products subsidised by cooperatives at Pradeshiya level. Parallel to the Avurudu fairs arrangements have also been made to organize cultural shows at several Pradeshiya divisions to generate public interest in the Divi Neguma program.

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