July 22, 2019
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    SL rupee appreciates by 4.6% so far this year Featured

    April 20, 2019

    The Sri Lankan rupee (LKR) appreciated against the US dollar (USD) by 4.6 per cent so far this year.According to daily exchange rates issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) yesterday (16), the selling price of the US Dollar was recorded as LKR 176.4546, while the buying price was LKR 172.6107.Furthermore, the Sri Lankan rupee relatively appreciated against the British pound, Japanese yen and Indian rupee.

    The CBSL states that the appreciation of the rupee is a result of the increase of foreign investments towards the Sri Lankan government’s securities market, developed countries including the United States changing their monetary policies, importers converting their earnings into Sri Lankan rupees and foreign employees sending more money into the country due to the festive season.

    On 21st March, the selling price of the US dollar was recorded as LKR 180.2098.

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