June 17, 2019
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    Thihariya Divi Neguma public Fair vested with the public

    April 07, 2014

    The newly constructed Thihariya Divi Neguma Sathi Pola was vested in the public  by Mrs. Pushpa Rajapaksa, Attorney at Law and Chairperson of the Liya Abhiman Organization on 03rd April 2014.

    Under the guidance and instruct tions of  Basil Rajapaksa, Minister of Economic Development, Divi Neguma Sathi Pola Development Pprogramme has been initiated throughout the country with funds  provided by the Ministry of Economic Development .


    Mrs. Pushpa Rajapaksa made an inspection tour of the public fair after unveiling a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion. Thihariya Sathipola  Complex consists of 67 stalls and other facilities. More than 600 families depend on the Thihariya Sathipola. The construction of the project was undertaken by the Western Provincial Council Road Development Authority  under the close supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development.


    Sarana Gunawardena, Deputy Minister of Petroleum Industries, Upul Mahendra Rajapaksa,  Priyantha Pushpa Kumara, Act. Chairman of the Atthanagalla Pradeshiya Sabha, Government officials and a large number of people were presented at the opening ceremony.


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