October 20, 2019
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    Security plan for new school term Featured

    May 03, 2019

    Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said schools will open for the second academic term on May 6 with increased security in compliance with government instructions.Addressing a media briefing held at Temple Trees yesterday, the Minister said a comprehensive security plan will be in force in and around schools when schools re-open on Monday to ensure the safety of students, teachers and the non-academic staff.

    We discussed with the Defence Authorities to ensure the security of schools around the country before the commencement of the second term, next Monday. He added that every school will be thourougly inspected before the resumption of academic activities. He said that every school will have at least one security personnel.

    Meanwhile, the Education Ministry has issued a special circular which aims at assuring the safety of school children and the school community at large. It has focused attention on 18 matters including ensuring the safety of students when they enter and leave school,the checking of students bags, confirming the identity of students, ensuring hostel security, adopting appropriate communication methods to inform the school community in any eventuality and setting up methods to ensure communication between parents and teachers.
    The Minister further said that Principals, teachers, students, parents and alumnus have a responsibility to be alert on the prevalent danger.The decision to reopen schools was taken after the extensive discussions with the Defence authorities and on the advice of the intelligences agencies. There is no use in closing schools any further if the Security Forces personnel have taken the necessary measures to provide tight security,” Minister Kariyawasam added.
    The Minister said security at all scholls and the surrounding areas will be further strengthened to ensure the safety of students and staff members. “However, Catholic schools will reopen for the second term after further discussions between security forces and the school authorities of these respective schools,” he added.
    The Minister further said the August school vacation will be shortened to cover the class syllabus due to the delay in the commencement of the second term. “We must specially thank President Maithripala Sirisena who has given instructions to the Security Forces to assure the safety of school children and the school community at large,” he said. The Traffic Police will pay special attention to school vans as well. School vans will not be allowed to be parked near schools. Legal action will be taken against drivers if they carry more than the permitted number of children,” he added.
    Meanwhile, the Art of Living organization in India together with local authorities will implement a special counseling programme for the children affected by disasters. They will provide material, and counselling programmes for the affected children. The Suraksha Insurance scheme implemented by the Education Ministry will also provide compensation for the needy children as well. “This is not the time to name the candidate for the upcoming Presidential election. This crisis situation should not be used to gain cheap political mileage. We have a doubt why such incidents were taken place just a few months before the Presidential election,” the Minister added.


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